International Business Representation

Business Representation & Capacity Building

Spera Management is your resource for identifying and developing options for starting operations in India. We offer local representation enabling you in-market presence, without having to spend anything on the office set up or managing regulatory aspects, hiring and training employees etc. We offer hands-on market entry and business development services to help you gain and sustain a competitive position in your target area.

Our Expertise:

  • Market entry advisory
  • Site selection and premise hosting
  • Local partner matchmaking
  • Business incorporation
  • Support with business registrations, licenses, approvals, regulatory compliance.
  • HR recruitment/outsourcing and setting up the support operations.

CFO Consulting

Leverage our CFOs to improve your ROI.

With our CFO services, you can rapidly increase your day-to-day efficiency while maximizing your bottom line. From business accounting and bookkeeping to cash flow management and budgeting, our CFOs will lessen the operational burden on you and empower you to achieve your core goals.

Flexible Engagement Model

Whether your business requires a virtual, part-time, interim, special purpose or full-time CFO, Spera is with every step of the way. We give you the power to define the engagement model, enabling you to experience the benefits of a CFO with just the right skills at the right time.

A to Z Services

Some of our customized solutions include production of reliable data through book keeping; financial analytics and insights for strategic decision; efficient deployment of cash; cash flow projections and management; discovery of suitable expansion opportunities; budgeting and forecasting.

Value-added Services

Spera’s CFOs come with decades of experience and can, in times of need, provide indispensable insights and information concerning matters such as ESOPs, mergers and acquisitions, and pricing overhaul.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Financial Expertise > > > Financial Efficiency > > > Financial Excellence

The long-term growth of a company begins with the transformation of its internal workings and processes. We have deep financial expertise to facilitate this transformation, and maximize its results. Working with your team, we identify areas for growth, address skill gaps and deploy cuttingedge tools to achieve financial excellence.

All-encompassing Solutions

  • Build extensive customized management
  • Budget and cash flow forecasting
  • Revenue analysis and management
  • Computation and reporting of asset under management
  • Data migration and ERP implementation
  • Defining and implementing internal implementation controls policies and procedures
  • Simplification and automation of reporting
  • Design and creation of efficient workflows
  • Cash flow management
  • Cost management
  • Vendor negotiations and contact management
  • Structuring and implementation of employee compensation and incentive schemes (ESOP/RSU/ESPP)

Delivered On Time. Delivered In Real-time

With Spera by your side, you can rest assured that your financial reports will be complete, accurate and delivered on time. Furthermore, our specialized platform enables you to keep track of your investments, assets under management and financial performance in real time.

Merger and Acquisition Services

Maximum Value. Minimum Risk.

Extract maximum returns from your M&A and divestiture deals with the help of our specialists, who have decades of experience in the field in global markets. With you throughout the M&A lifecycle, our experts help you build the required capabilities, accelerate integration and manage all related transactions seamlessly.

End-to-end Management

  • Assistance in the preparation of letter of intent
  • Post-merger/acquisition integration support
  • Project planning and management
  • F&A due diligence
  • Reviews of critical customer contracts
  • Preparation of revenue forecasts
  • Updating of the bid model with the findings from due diligence
  • Proposal of purchase price adjustment for any deviations
  • System integration (includes data mapping)
  • Conversion and testing of F&A and related systems
  • Vendor negotiations and contact management
  • Development and implementation of the strategy to integrate diverse processes (includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, revenue cycle management, general ledger, monthend closing processes, treasury and taxation)

Contracts and Obligation Management

Track Commitments. Identify Milestones. Deliver Results.

Through our contract and obligation management services, you can align your business processes with contract policies to meet targets on time, every time. Equipped with advanced tools and a strategic framework, our obligation management team provides you with greater visibility and control over a contract lifecycle, reducing risks, time and costs.

Standardizing Contract Management

At Spera, we give you a risk-based contract negotiation handbook based on your working culture. This provides you with a structured approach and a set of standardized processes that can be utilized to continuously assess risks, develop relevant mitigation strategies and form various negotiation positions.

Centralizing Data

Spera supports your teams in the creation of a single error-free repository of contract data and obligations, thereby streamlining your entire contract process. The result is an ecosystem where risks, key dates, and financial exposures can be tracked, and the progress on each contract can be monitored with utmost ease.

Perfecting Negotiations

Spera supports your teams in the creation of a single error-free repository of contract data and obligations, thereby streamlining your entire contract process. The result is an ecosystem where risks, key dates, and financial exposures can be tracked, and the progress on each contract can be monitored with utmost ease.

Governance, Compliance and Risk

Mitigate Risks. Enhance Reputation.

As your strategic business partner and independent assurance service provider, Spera helps set up processes of corporate governance, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and corporate compliance. With a focus on safeguarding your organization, our tools facilitate continuous monitoring, measuring and management of your policies.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

We combine deep understanding of compliance procedures with strategic management techniques to ensure compliance with various rules and regulations while also providing a platform for ethical and effective management to protect your company’s assets and image.

Risk Management

Sense high-level risks before time and navigate them in a cost-efficient manner with the help of our risk management services. Supplied with actionable insights and tactical tools, your team can accelerate the decision-making process and transform risks into high-potential opportunities.

Key Features

  • Understanding and prioritizing stakeholder expectations
  • Setting business objectives that are congruent with values and risks
  • Achieving objectives while optimizing risk profile and protecting value
  • Operating within legal, contractual, internal, social and ethical boundaries
  • Providing relevant, reliable and timely information to appropriate stakeholders
  • Accurate measurement of the system’s performance and effectiveness

Accounting and Administration

Compliance. Competence. Control

Streamline and simplify entire processes with our reliable and timely accounting and administration services. From prompt monthly bookkeeping to preparation of reliable stand-alone and consolidated financial statements to timely sign-offs, our across-the-board solutions improve efficiency while complying with standards under US GAAP/IFRS/SFRS or related jurisdictional GAAP.

Managing Key Processes

  • Fixed assets accounting and management
  • Supplier invoice payments
  • Client invoice processing
  • Collections, bad debt management and credit control
  • Banking and bank reconciliations
  • Employee expense claims and reimbursement
  • Payroll processing
  • VAT/GST reconciliations
  • XBRL filing and tagging
  • Record keeping, e-filing and archiving
  • Database management
  • Month-end closure
  • Workflows management
  • AUM valuation and reporting